In the old days Trophies used to be awarded only to winners, but these days a variety of trophies, shields, plaques, cups made of metal, plastic,  wood and crystal are given not only in recognition of some achievement but also to motivate students, employees and team players and also to the coaches and teachers,

Depending upon size, design and material used Trophies range from inexpensive to almost priceless.  They can be unique, like the one-of-a-kind Stanley Cup awarded to each year's National League's champion, Replicas or other trophies can be mass-produced, molded plastic figures cost less than 5 dollar. For recipients it is priceless regardless of its monetary value.                                             

The way trophy or awards are given is important. If given in a gathering or announced in house magazine or websites it becomes memorable event for recipient, who proudly displays it in his hoe or office,

Sales Person or Man of the Month – Man of the Year

Besides other incentive most insurance companies and other organization give trophies for outstanding performance or achieving targets,

Signs that Click

 In good old days people used to hang at the place of  work, the pictures of Jesus and Mary, kings and queen  for their national leaders and heroes. In the decade of 1950 you could see a little sign placed on different desks and places in the offices of IBM in different parts of the world. It was "Think". 

Yes, just one word on a small metal plaque perched on each desk,  . Those were the days when IBM was setting new records of growth and expansion.

 The Sign hanging in Albert Einstein's office at Princeton University read: 

“  Not everything that counts can be counted,

and not everything that can be counted counts. “

Ex-Avis Chief Robert Townsend had a sign next to his telephone and ofcourse on the desk of his managers. It read:

"Is what I'm doing, or about to do, getting us closer

to our objective or making us money?"

British Management Scholar and trainer John Fenton has been a great fan of the signs. He had this sign

hung on to the back of executive toilet door. He always recommended to try placing some signs

strategically around the place of work. Some of the sign used by him were:

  "Nothing happens until somebody sells something."

  "Customers are the business"

  "Best managers are the ones who make the best    decisions".

  "There has to be a better way".

Signs, poster, post cards, stickers and banners besides house journals and memoranda are used by many organizations to inspire and motivate the workers to do their best and strive for greater efficiency or profits. A variety of slogans and sign are used.